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The Environmental Innovation Industrial Upgrade Academic Report and the 2015 Shenzhen Electronics Academic Annual Meeting -- Bilian Electronics was named the "2015 Excellent Member"
    Both investment and expenditures have slowed, China's manufacturing sector as a whole is facing an overcapacity of homogeneous competition, shrinking profit margins, and needs to adjust the industrial structure to transform and upgrade the industry. How can companies charge from an environment where development is lacking, and get back on track to high-speed development? How to revolutionize the industry, and cope with the future developments of the situation? The Environmental Innovation Industrial Upgrade Academic Report and the 2015 Academic Meeting, are the starting point, to help companies realize industrial transformation and upgrade.
    The meeting was sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the Economic Trade and Information Technology Commission of Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Innovation in Science and Technology Committee, the Guangdong Electronics Association, Shenzhen University, and Southern China University of Science and Technology. Special guest: Chinese Academy of Engineering’s Li Peigen, ZTE Corporation’s Senior Vice President Zhang Liang,  General Manager Chen Xi of Zhucheng Investments, , the Director of Qianhai Wutong Funds Li Yinong, and Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LB-LINK) President Liu Haitao.
    The LB-LINK Company, one of the Shenzhen Electronics Association members, is very proud to have been awarded the "2015 Outstanding Member" title.
Our company president Liu Haitao receives an award on stage, (third on the right).
    At the meeting, Mr. Liu Haitao LB-LINK’s company president shared with everybody the basis of wireless communications, and pointed out that the LB-LINK company is global wireless equipment  manufacturing company with a famous brand, and that the the new people oriented Internet of Things (loT) technology has two aspects, one is a smart cloud router system, and two it is a smart cloud IoT module system.

    Number one, the smart cloud routers, with the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), especially in the area of smart home appliances, they have gradually influenced and changed people's way of life. WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee transmission specifications of the smart cloud server system, which is the key information transmission, calculation, and storage gateway that makes all of the Internet of Things smart home devices easy to use.  Your mobile phone can download an application, send your instructions to the cloud, go through the cloud computers and storage services,then go back to the terminal equipment, and the application can link to all of the smart home networking devices. LB-LINK’s Ali smart router, for example: before you get off work, open the phone application - “Little Smart Ali”, turn on the heater to warm up the house, switch on the hot water heater, or cook the rice in a rice cooker ahead of time...when you get home, everything is so comfortable, so nice! Of course, you can use smart cloud routers for other things like: VPN, video games, and other "people oriented" services.

    Objective: To increase the use of smart routers, to build a IoT environment
    A traditional router,
    A smart router, router + smart OS + mobile terminal control
    A smart internet router, router + smart OS + mobile terminal control + cloud services
    IoT environment system, router + smart OS + mobile terminal control + cloud services + IoT network

    Number two, the IoT wireless, smart cloud modules, because all things are physically connected by networking hardware that has the cloud module’s software, networking hardware is what all devices use to connect to the Internet, it is used for home automation, energy real-time monitoring, security monitoring remote viewing, physiological measurements, and GPS systems and so on, all are connected to the terminal hardware devices. Using an in-cloud, cloud management software system not only can realize centralized management, but also link each mobile terminal device for remote control. The smart modules are the key hardware for the Internet of Things devices.

     1. Home automation 2. Energy real-time monitoring 3. Remote surveillance 4. Bio-metric records 5. Personal trackers (like GPS) A. External service integration (like the police) B. Advertising and information platforms C. Mobile phone control     
     Each year LB-Link makes about thirty million modules and smart router parts that are put into different kinds of networking devices.  
    The characteristics of the new environment will serve as an invisible cultural bond, with the Internet’s connectivity serving has a physical link, O2O services to serve individual demands, to satisfy people’s and groups’ physical and spiritual needs, and to support the new environment’s information gateway -- the smart cloud routers, and in all the smart terminals in the network are smart modules. It is LB-LlNK who will make and supply these core products.
    A new situation, a new model, and a new economy, LB-LlNK is creating a new path.
   "The Environmental Innovation Industrial Upgrade Meeting" gave us good hope, the future of smart networks is full of great expectations! Finally, the meeting ended with heated exchanges and discussions.
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