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Model: LB-LINK BL-MP01 Wireless Router Problem
Problem: I trying to setup the repeater,  the website "" Settings interface displays "does not exist", I could use it before, why now, I cannot?
Solution: MP01 has three modes: RT, Client and AP mode, please connect the power cord and then connect your router to your laptop PC with a network cable, then set the router to AP mode. RT mode, generally, is used for static and broadband mode, AP mode is used for dynamic and repeater mode, Client mode is rarely used.
Then turn on your laptop computer, the computer manually configures the IP address:; Subnet mask is:, the default gateway is: then click "OK". Then open a web browser and input "", and go to the setup web page, if it does not work you can change web browsers, if it still does not work, you can look at the router's three lights: WiFi, WLAN, and Power. Are they lit up like normal? If not, press and hold the WPS/RESET button for 10 to 15 seconds then release, and  unplug the power supply.  Look at the lights after you reset the router (and plug in the power cord again), the three lights should light up normally, and then go into the setup web page, ensure the RESET button can reset the router correctly.

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