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Model: LB-LINK BL-MP01 Wireless Router Problem
Question: I have a BL-MP01, I use it as a WiFi repeater, when I setup the device it works very well, the problem is in the evening I turn off the Master Router's WiFi, the next day when I turn on the WiFi, the BL-MP01 cannot connect to the Master Router's WiFi signal, I have to go to the MP01's Settings interface and enter the Master Router's WiFi password, this device can connect to the Master Router, why can't the BL-MP01 remember the Master Router's WiFi password? / I don't see in the "Settings" where I can click on "Apply and Restart".
Solution: First reset your Master Router, then setup a wireless channel, change the encryption method to: WPA2-PSK, and the authentication method to: AES. Ensure that the BL-MP01 and the Master Router have the same settings in these areas. Then click on "Apply" and reboot the Master Router.

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